5 Skin Types Simply Explained

5 Skin Types Simply Explained
February 3, 2018 Aidee Erhime
Oily Skin

It may sound funny but there are people who really do not know what skin type that they have. This is common among people with combination skin who are not sure whether to stay with the dry skin crew or the oily skin crew. In this post, we trash the issue out once and for all.


What type of skin you have is really determined by your genetics but it is also possible to transform your skin type from one form to a partial form of another.

There are five common skin types namely regular, dry, oily, sensitive and combination skins.

The regular skin which some people refer to as ‘Normal Skin’ does not have excess oil when blotted with tissue. It is soft, rarely breaks out with pimples and has an even tone.

The dry skin gets flaky and tight especially during dry seasons. Control this type of skin by using appropriate moisturizers. Drink plenty water daily (at least 6 glasses) to keep your skin hydrated.

The oily skin secretes excess oil especially around the cheek, forehead and nose areas. Oily skin can occur due to many environmental reasons asides genetics. These factors include pregnancy, stress, diets etc. and this skin is more prone to acne and pimples breakout. Manage this type of skin by gentle cleansing and regular washing.

The combination skin is a mix of oily and dry skin type. In combination skin, oil can be found in areas like the nose and forehead (these zones are called the T-zones). To treat combination skin, you may want to purchase products that tackle different parts of the skin – Products for oily skin on the oily part and moisturizers for the dry part of the skin.

The sensitive skin is prone to allergies and reactions. People with skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea and Vitiligo, have sensitive skins. If this is your skin, you must be extra careful with your skincare regimen because these skins can get easily irritated and inflamed.

So there, now that you know the skin types that  exist, what skin type do you have?



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