About us

At Botafrik, all that we find, showcase and promote is made of
the African feel – in rareness and assortment.

Botafrik nurtures nature through healthy skincare.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between healthy skincare and science by exploiting the potency of botanical extracts in Africa and around the world in producing skincare products that are beneficial to people of different races and ages without compromising the integrity of their skin.
The brand started as a pet project by Aidee Erhime who had received formal education in Biochemistry. A further personal research driven by her deep appreciation for aesthetics inspired a series of tests using locally sourced ingredients. The results were impressive as her once tough skin transformed, glittering in its natural tone.
Aidee tested her formula with family and acquaintances who affirmed its viability. Today she’s set to make impact and change the lives of young African men and women.

Hi, I am Aidee Erhime.

I studied Biochemistry in the University of Benin, Nigeria. Botafrik was birthed from desperation to provide my very demanding skin with healthy food. I discovered the potency of some natural raw materials including Shea butter and coconut oil and with the help of some of my students, began to produce coconut oil and purchase plants for what I now call my ‘garden of Life’.
I strongly believe in giving back to the society and I do this by setting young, displaced males and females up in preparing the natural raw materials which are incorporated into Botafrik skincare products and they in turn get paid and trained to fend for themselves. At Botafrik, we currently have young women from disadvantaged backgrounds working in our kitchen to produce our launch product, cold-pressed coconut oil.
I have worked as a research consultant and now volunteer two hours weekly to educate teenagers on skill sets that are required of them to have outside school. I enjoy teaching and am interested in being a part of the improved change in the Nigerian education system and the cosmetic skincare science industry.