April 7, 2018 Aidee Erhime
Let's talk sensitive skin

The rate at which I get asked these questions is shocking! Not everyone understands that sensitive skin can be a self-inflicted punishment that we give to ourselves due to certain decisions made on our part with regards to our personal care choices. Please read below for ten common questions on sensitive skin and the answers given.

1. What is sensitive skin?

If your skin gets easily irritated or bruised by cosmetic products, a change in weather or some seemingly minor factors, then it is sensitive. Read 5 Skin Types Simply Explained.

2. How do I know if I have sensitive skin?

If you are not sure about your skin type, it is important to see a dermatologist who will do a test and let you know what type of skin that you have.

Usually sensitive skin owners have thin, weak and pale skin surface. This makes their skin get easily irritated causing conditions like rosacea, eczema etc.

3. Are people born with sensitive skin?

In the real sense of it, yes. Sensitive skin is usually a genetic condition that many people are born with. Some people however get sensitized skin over time, due to other factors such as the use of certain cosmetic products on their skin.

4. How do I know whether or not my sensitive skin is genetic?

That is not something that you can just decide on the whim. Certain nationalities are genetically predisposed to sensitive skin and this might be a pointer if you come from such places.

If however, your regular skin suddenly started to burn, got itchy and easily irritated and you know that this was not always the case, chances are that your skin is sensitized and this may not last for a long period of time.

5. Do Africans have sensitive skin?

Generally, it is not as common with African ancestry as it is with the Whites. There are however many people of African descent who are born with sensitive skin and like everything else, there are people whose skin have become sensitized even though they are African.

The answer to this question is that not there are many Africans who have sensitive skin.

6. Why do I suddenly have sensitive skin?

Did you recently change your personal care products? There is a good chance that you just switched personal care products to ones that contain skincare ingredients that your skin may not like. If this is the case, then that is a culprit.

Are you in your 50s or above? Naturally the skin gets thinner and dryer as we age and this makes it get easily sensitive. You want to stock on personal care products that are specially formulated for mature skin.

Did you change environment? A sudden change in the weather condition that your skin is accustomed to may lead to a change in its sensitivity as it tries to adapt to new clime.

7. Will I always have this skin type?

The answer to this is still dependent on how your skin became sensitive in the first place. Were you born with it or did it get sensitized over time due to other factors?
As it is with my personal mantra, I never say never, which means that even if it appears now that your skin might be sensitive for a lifetime, there is certainly a possibility that a solution is in sight.

8. How can I cure sensitive skin?

Please book an appointment with a dermatologist to be sure of the primary cause of your sensitive skin. If it is a result of factors that you can change, then by all means change the lifestyle.
It is eventually up to your dermatologist to tell you.

9. What products should I use on sensitive skin?

Again this is for your dermatologist to decide.

10. What should I avoid when my skin gets Sensitive?

. Please avoid cosmetic products with fragrance/deodorants. You should use fragrance free products.
. Personal care products with too many ingredients. The fewer the ingredients used, the better.

. Cosmetics products that contain alcohol.
. Do avoid excessive scrubbing of the skin.
. Look out for personal care products formulated for sensitive skin.



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