How to buy products for dry and dehydrated skin.

How to buy products for dry and dehydrated skin.
November 15, 2018 Aidee Erhime
Products for dry skin

When it comes to skin care and products, there are several things that one must look out for if one wants a healthy skin. One of these is the type of skin being treated – dry skin, oily or combination. Knowing this makes it a bit easy to choose what kind of products can be used on the skin.

A common type of skin which I come across every time is the DRY skin. It can be especially frustrating to successfully find good products for dry skin and because the Harmattan season is here again, I quickly want to talk about all the things to look out for when tackling dry skin.

There are different reasons why the skin may feel dry, one of which is dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the skin does not get enough water content as it should, it then becomes thirsty and subsequently, dry. Dehydrated skin can easily be rectified with enough fluid intake and usage of products with moisture-retention ingredients.

There is another level of skin dryness that comes up from birth. This type does not go away, cannot be changed and can totally be managed. Genetically dry skin can be pretty obvious when one looks around the leg region. It usually looks very scaly and flakes a whole lot when the weather is very dry.

“Dehydrated skin can easily be rectified with enough fluid intake and usage of products with moisture-retention ingredients.”

It is common for people to resort to using various kinds of oils to tackle skin dryness. However, as great as oils are on the skin sometimes, one also has to consider skin hydration.

Do oils really hydrate the skin?

In addition to taking a good amount of fluid in the body, choosing products with hydrating properties, go a long way in tackling skin dryness. This is because hydration in itself means the addition of water. The skin needs this external source of water too. What the oils do, is to lock in moisture, meaning that even before applying oils on the skin, one must be sure to leave the skin a bit wet.

The oils, because of their north-south relationship with water, help the water to stay in the skin. This is what makes them have moisturising properties.

Products with hydrating properties on the other hand, have ingredients that have the ability to attract moisture from the atmosphere into the skin. These ingredients include glycerin and hyaluronic acid which are great humectants. Therefore choosing a product that is moisturising just as well as it is hydrating, is important. This means that oils alone will not work, a good water based lotion used in conjunction with oils give a longer lasting moisturizing feel.

In summary, when looking out for products to use on dry skin, you should look out for products with hydrating properties. You can also mix up your hydrating lotion with oils like shea, coconut, olive and teatree for more lasting effects.


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