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Lactic acid is an exfoliating acid that is found naturally in milk, fruits and vegetables. It can also be artificially synthesized. This acid is categorized under the group – alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA).

In cosmetics

Lactic acid has exfoliating properties which means that it can remove dead skin cells and aid cell turnover. For this reason, it can be found in some cosmetic products that aim to make rough and dry skin smoother.

It can also be found in chemical peels in varying percentages.

Some uses of Lactic acid

  • It lightens hyperpigmentation
  • Hydrates the skin.
  • It also exfoliates the skin

Is it safe to use?

Lactic acid is generally safe to use as it is a milder AHA compared to other acids in its group like glycolic acid. Its mildness makes it suitable to use for dry and sensitive skin.

What cautions to take when using Lactic acid?

One important caution to take when any form of acid is used on the skin, is to avoid direct or indirect contact with the sun without adequately protecting the skin with a sunscreen with high Sun protection factor (SPF15 and above).

Certain people react badly to this acid, so a patch test should be done by applying a little amount to a small area on the hand for a short while and watch out for adverse reaction.



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