This is how you are maltreating your skin.

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I met a lady yesterday and was worried for her face, she had deep dark spots and heavy breakouts that looked so painful, I could feel the pain. Someone thankfully asked her before I did what happened to her face and she had a quite an interesting story to tell. Let’s call this lady Miss B. Miss B had been picking at the zits on her skin for so long that it had become an addiction.

By the time she began to notice the spots that the breakouts left behind, it had covered her whole face so she started buying cosmetics that claimed to fade dark spots. Soon, she noticed that a high percentage of her savings was spent on cosmetics and she was not seeing results so she confided in some of her friends who then suggested that she turned to basic ingredients in her kitchen and in the market nearby. She checked the internet to be sure her friends were not giving her wrong prescriptions but the internet mostly confirmed that her friends were right so she went ahead to feed her skin with the cocktail prescriptions.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients she used in her skincare cocktail cosmetic.

LEMON – This undisputedly works wonders in skin brightening, in fact, I know someone who used it to fade discoloration in her underarm. However, Miss B applied lemon on her face so often that she began to itch. Lemon does that, yes. It is highly acidic and dangerous to your facial skin as the skin on your face is not as tough as the skin on say, your feet. Application of lemon juice can cause your skin to be extremely dry and itchy. You really should think twice before choosing the lemon path when it comes to skin lightening/brightening.

CINNAMON – Cinnamon is that herb that is a must-have in every kitchen because of its numerous uses – from baking to cooking stews to making tea and skincare. People swear cinnamon is a potent cure to  acne and dark spots which is really why Miss B decided to use it. Preparing cinnamon for face use is easy, they claim. All you have to do is mix some cinnamon with honey and that is all. If you feel very adventurous, add some egg into the mixture and leave it on your face for as long as you can bear the sting.  No one really mentions that cinnamon is highly irritating and can burn the skin. This is a spice to use at your own risk. Left to me, I would leave cinnamon as a food spice as that still would make it potent.

ALCOHOL – Alcohol (depending on the type) has a temporary effect of making oily skin look less oily, it however does more harm to your skin’s protective surface. The type of alcohol Miss B used is the regular vodka. She figured that since it contained some level of alcohol as is stated on the bottle, she could use it to take out the oil from her skin while working on the darkspots using the ingredients listed above. She was wrong. Even in skincare products sold in stores, it is important to check which type of alcohol is included in the ingredient list. Cetyl and stearyl alcohol are okay while denatured alcohol is a no-no! It is however not advisable to just use any alcohol-containing product just because a friend suggested it.

What else do you think is missing from this list? Indicate in comment below.

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